Creating 2011 with Authenticity

My recent posts have given me a chance to explore my top values and now I come to authenticity. To live authentically and really be true to myself is important to me – so important that I have it pasted on my vision board. It hangs above my desk and is there to remind me each and every day. Be Authentic!

As 2010 ended I invited my clients to celebrate the successes they had in 2010 and to spend time reflecting on the 2011 they want to create. I always enjoy reflecting at this time of year and for the past few years have created a list of the 25 things I am most proud of doing in the past year. If you are thinking that you could never come up with 25 things then I challenge you to start the list right now. Or maybe after you finish reading this post.

This year my boyfriend and I also decided to try a positive psychology idea out for the last two weeks of the year. We shared with each other each night three good things that happened to us that day and what made them specifically happen to us. This was a fun way to end the year and gave us a chance to really connect. However, sometimes it was challenging. On one day when it felt like everything was going wrong he asked me to name the three good things. I quickly realized that having his support had carried me through that day and that is the best thing of all. So even in times of struggle it is good to stop and reflect on the positive.  

I must admit that the first week of 2011 has not been as joyful and inspiring as I had hoped it would be. So today I think the topic of this blog is a wakeup call for me. What would I need to do to create the 2011 that truly reflects my authentic self?

  • Treat my body well by eating fresh and nutritious food
  • Carve out time each day to move and be outside
  • Pursue the activities my body loves like ice skating, Pilates, Nia and walking
  • Appreciate my body and all she does for me each day
  • Appreciate the love in my life every day
  • Express this love
  • Celebrate all the successes in building my business
  • Lean on my circle of connection to help me grow my dream coaching business
  • Become a certified coach
  • Take risks and trust myself
  • Try something new and thrilling
  • Read inspiring books
  • Connect with people who bring me joy

Who do I need to be this year – joyful, bold, inspired, and disciplined!

Who do you need to be to create your authentic 2011?

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