Creating Space

What builds momentum for me?

One of my coaching friends suggested this inquiry for me this week. An inquiry is a powerful question with many different answers and is designed to foster exploration and insight.

The inquiry came as a result of a conversation about my desire to create some space for reflection about what is next for me and my coaching practice. I knew that September was the right time for me to do this. I have also been noticing that I need to move more, have more fun, and spend more time with friends. All the signs are present that slowing down a little bit will free up my creative energies.

Sounds good.

Unfortunately my gremlins got a bit worked up about this idea and were making me think that action, action, action was the way to go. They were yelling “if you aren’t taking action all the time how will things happen?”

So it has been good to reflect on this idea of momentum and to realize that while action is motivating for me, there are many ways to create it.

So now it is the first day of September. It is often a time of change and even in grownups can evoke the idea of stepping into something new. This month I have decided to add a 30 minute meditation to each day to create space to listen to my inner wisdom.

I am excited to see what shows up in this space I am creating.

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