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I am staring at the opening paragraph I have just written for this blog and thinking “that doesn’t sound very creative.” That is my saboteur voice inside my head judging me. Creativity isn’t something I claim easily for myself. I remember years ago in a performance review with my then boss, she asked me why I rated myself as average on the creativity scale. I answered that I didn’t view myself as particularly creative. She challenged that and told me that she saw me as a person who always came up with different ways of looking at a challenge. That she deeply valued my creative solutions.

My judgment around creativity was that creative people are good at drawing, music, dancing or something like that. They are “artists.” In that moment I realized that I AM CREATIVE. And recently I have realized that this is actually a key value of mine.  

Each day we all express ourselves in so many ways – the way we dress, decorate our homes, wear our hair. So I am claiming creativity and kicking in the pants my saboteur who thinks creativity is only for “artists.”   

Here are just a FEW of the ways that I am currently cultivating creativity in my life?

Dancing in the moment – this is one of the cornerstones of coactive coaching. It means coaching the client’s agenda that shows up and using intuition and deep listening to decide where to go next. The fun part about this dance is that the coach and client are both leading and following during each session.

Creating challenges – being able to challenge a client to do something new is fun and can really shake up their perspective on what is possible. The more outrageous the better.

Reading – I was lucky to grow up with a mother who loved to read and to read to us. One of my fondest memories is my mom and I reading the Little House on the Prairie series. A great book can take you to another place and expose you to ideas you have never considered. A great book can change you and increase your compassion.

Dancing – I have loved to dance since I was a teenager going to clubs. A great song comes on and you can find your groove and use your body to express what the music means to you. As I get older staying up late enough to go clubbing is not as appealing. Being the creative person I am, I joined a Nia class so I can dance on weekend mornings.

And then there is my blog which is also a new creative expression. I would love to hear how you are currently cultivating creativity in your life and work…

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  1. A brilliant entry, Janice. Showing that creative doesn’t restrict itself to say, being a great painter or artist. I often have to remind myself that although I can’t even draw a straight line that I am creative!

  2. And really isn’t it more fun to draw those lines crooked!

  3. I always thought I was not creative, but reading this I began to think about it. When I walk around the river in the mornings I notice the changing of the seasons and sometimes in my head, or when I return home, I write little poems or sometimes just a few sentences to describe what I saw in nature that morning. Describing the colours or just the way the sky looks or how the mist looks over a whole field of Goldenrod touches my soul. I guess creativity is in all of us and how we look at our world.

    I loved this blog.

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