Dreaming the Biggest Dream

Last week my coach took me through a visualization where I imagined myself being completely successful in my coaching practice. I focused on what that would look like and how I would feel in that place. Then she moved me to find another level and then another level. There was no pressure to know when this would be or how I would get there. Just the chance to dream the biggest dream.

Many of us take the time to think about what we want to achieve and to set goals. But it really is an amazing experience to dream that bigger dream. To get to the third level of the dream or to imagine not a 10 out of 10 but a 15 out of ten. That is why I love coaching so much.

In the highest level of success I was on a book tour delivering a message of inspiration around the world. I was somewhat surprised to find myself in that place because being a successful or well known author has not been in my business plan. Or even on my radar screen. And yet it made me smile and feel right to see myself in that space.

Part of the reason that I write this blog and a monthly newsletter is because I love to share my thoughts, my learnings, and my feelings. All the years that I worked in fundraising research, I would say that one of my favourite parts of my job was to write a profile that told the story of someone’s life. Back in my undergraduate days, I loved to sketch out a topic, create a thesis, and then bring all the information together into essay form. Many of the ideas that I created in those essays still burn brightly in my mind.

A while back I participated in a teleclass around the concept of play. We reflected on the types of activities that we loved to do as children. My cousin and I would spend hours playing school and teaching each other and our teddy bears. In this visualization I came back to that idea of sharing knowledge and spreading a message.

So teaching and writing are parts of my soul and have always been there with me.

This seed of a dream has just begun but it inspires and motivates me. I share this with you and offer you a challenge to dream your biggest dream. Take some time this week to sit quietly and ask what do I really want? Once you have a sense of it, imagine turning up the volume on that dream until you get to a place where you surprise and delight yourself.

And of course sharing your dreams can help make them a reality so feel free to share them here.

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