Emerging from the Dark

I was just looking back over my past entries and realizing they are like a diary of my journey over the past year. I love reflecting on past events and reliving good memories. When I come home from vacation I love posting the photos on Facebook and telling my friends about all the wonderful things I experienced. Photos exist as a reminder of our pleasure.

I am also a big fan of anticipating. Some people can’t wait to open presents, but I am the opposite. I think there is such fun in thinking about what might be inside that pretty box. When the presents go under my tree before Christmas I delight in them. Whether I am planning a party, holiday, or an evening out, I love to think about all the possible scenarios, the fun I might have, and the conversations that might take place.

Anticipating and remembering events are wonderful tools to help you increase your happiness. And it is also so important to just be in the moment, but so often that is a challenge for us especially since we pride ourselves (or delude ourselves) about our ability to multitask. In coaching clients often express a desire to be in the moment or to slow down and enjoy their life. The ability to fully experience both the ups and the downs of your life is the key to fulfillment.

I just had the experience of being coached about where I was in that moment. I was able to fully experience the anxiety I was feeling. I didn’t step over the fear and try and fix it. My coach held a space for me as I explored the dark. I found myself as a small child sitting alone in the dark and hugging my knees. It was lonely, cold and scary. And it was real.

A shift occurred when I realized that I was afraid to move because it was dark. I was creating the dark because my eyes were shut. I had the power to open my eyes. I had the power to see the beautiful sunshine that was streaming in through my window. In the light I could see that I was already taking steps to deal with the root of my anxiety. I could see that I was not alone or helpless. I emerged as the adult I am.

It can be scary to explore the dark but I knew that my coach was there holding the rope for me. Most importantly it was empowering to open my eyes. The conscious choice to embrace the light happened because I did not run from or avoid the fear.

So keep anticipating and imaging an amazing future. And take the time to relieve the delightful moments of the past. But remember to spend time in the present moment and to get present to the feelings that are living inside you right now.

By allowing myself to feel the dark, I found the light again.

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