Envisioning My Future

Recently a friend and I got together over a few evenings and created our vision boards. A vision board can take many forms. Mine is a collage of pictures and words that inspire me and represent what I want for myself personally and professionally. As a bonus creating one allowed me the fun of choosing the pictures and then cutting and pasting pictures them on to Bristol board. A super fun reminder of being a kid!

The words I included are purpose, choices, connection, passion and fun! These words keep me connected to my personal values and serve as a daily reminder of what is important to me.

The name Lexi jumps out in blues and pinks. In coaching we do visualization work that allows us to tap into the wisdom of our future self. Lexi is my future self and her essence is joy and playfulness, with a bit of flirty thrown in for good measure.

Phrases that made the board are:

“Live your best life” – not surprising considering how big a fan I am of Oprah and all she has done to encourage women to imagine and go after their dream life

“Be your own biggest fan” – this resonated with me because, as a Joy Coach, I love encouraging my clients to really celebrate their successes (and failures!)

“Go with the flow” – this reminds me that being in flow is crucial to my success and joy

“Scent of first snow” – this is definitely a reminder to stop and be in the moment and also snow and winter remind me of the pleasures of skating  

The pictures include places I love or want to visit, skaters and the Olympic rings, and lots of puppies and dogs. Things that make me smile. There is still room to grow on my vision board and as I write this I realize that I left room so I could continue to look for inspiration.

Right now the vision board hangs in my office right over my desk and is a daily inspiration. 

What have you (or would you) post on your vision board? Let’s share our inspirations!

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As a certified coach and fundraiser, I am passionate about partnering with people and teams to increase their personal and professional Joy Quota.


  1. Margaret Cunning says:

    Great blog entry Janice. My Board would have photos of my first dog, Finch, and photos of Jules’ dog, Zoey. Pictures of a Heron at English Bay, Sunrise on the beach at Orange Beach, Alabama. My future name is Amelie.Nice quote: “The awakening of optimism, creates optimism”. Plus photos of my two favourite women: Julie and Janice … they inspire me every day because of their inner strength.

  2. Janice Cunning says:

    I know for sure that my inner strength comes from the foundation that you and Dad built for us. So thank you for all the love and empowerment!

  3. I love my vision board and see it every time I sit at the computer! Most of the pictures are of places I’ve been or that I would like to see. There is also a row of animals at the bottom. Next time they are going higher up so that I can see them better.

    I also have many quotes (some of which never made the board):

    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing– Abraham Lincoln

    Live so that your friends can defend you but never have to– Arnold H. Glasow

    Explore. Dream. Discover.

    You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims– Harriet Woods

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