Fantasy Dinner Party

In the last week I have had some great conversations with people I love about who they would invite to their fantasy dinner party – you know that old you can have anyone dead or alive at the table question. The power of this question is that it helps connect on a deeper level. You learn who they admire, what their true interests are, and what kind of questions they would ask.

So here is my list – at least in this moment:

Oprah – I have watched Oprah and read her magazine for as long as I can remember. There are so many things I admire about Oprah. But the one thing I most connect to is how she loves to share things she is passion about. She is a connector in the largest sense of the word.

Nellie McClung – She helped win women’s right to vote in Canada and was part of the famous five and the ‘persons case’ which allowed women to enter politics. She created a world of opportunity. As a Canadian woman I feel like I stand on her shoulders.

Dr. Stuart Robson – I studied under Dr. Robson at Trent University and he magically made history come alive in his book lined office. He was the world wars expert. The ideas I learned and uncovered in his courses have stayed with me to this day. He is a teacher in the truest sense of the word.

Carol Shields – the first Carol Shields book I read was A Fairly Conventional Woman. It was 1994 and I was working at the CNIB library and attending library school. She quickly became my favourite author and I can revisit her books like old friends. Her characters are so real and I love those moments when you read something and think ‘Wow I am not the only one who has those thoughts in my head.’

Daniel Pink – Pink’s books A Whole New Mind and most recently Drive paint a picture of our work world that I want to live in. His ideas speak to me and what I most admire is the way he can tell stories. And stories are what make us learn and remember.

As I finish up I realize that stories are the theme to this list. All of the people listed above have that magical power of bringing ideas to live through story.

What is your story? Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? Share your thoughts and ask your friends and family. Who knows what you might learn about them and yourself.

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  1. I am definitely with you on dinner with Oprah! She is one of the most influencial and remarkable people of all times.

  2. Margaret Cunning says:

    If you had Carol Shields to dinner, I would like her to sit on one side of me and have Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women on the other side. Her ‘Jo’ character is surely one of the early feminists and a great model for young girls. The spirited conversation that would flow would send sparks flying.

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