Forget Circumstances, Change Your Perspective

How would you complete this sentence?

Being laid off from a job is…

The way you finished this sentence shows your perspective on this topic.

The danger is that sometimes we are so stuck in a perspective that we can’t imagine there is another way of looking at the situation.

Here are just a few ways to look at this situation. Being laid off from a job is:

  • embarrassing because I have failed
  • stressful because I have bills to pay
  • an opportunity to find a job that really makes me happy
  • a chance to reflect and decide what do I want to do next
  • sad because I loved my job and my friends at work
  • a burden my family has to bear
  • an adventure that will take me somewhere new
  • a relief because it is time for me to move on to new challenges

The fact is that all of these perspectives have truth in them. The danger is getting stuck in one perspective and paralyzing yourself – living your life stuck in the mud.

So often we tell ourselves that life will change when we shift our circumstances. We will be happy when we get the new job, lose 10 pounds, meet someone special, have a baby…

I challenge you to look beyond the circumstances. Refuse to let your circumstances dictate how you live your life. You always have choices. So next time you are stuck in the mud, just lift one foot and move to a different place and see what opens up for you over there.

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