Go All Girls

Now that I am working as a Joy Coach and running my own business, I feel like I am truly living my life purpose. I also realize that I was exposed to the world of life coaching long before it was truly in my consciousness. Oprah Winfrey often talks about how you get a whisper, then a tap on the head, and then hit over the head with a brick if you don’t listen. There were many whispers and taps about coaching and I am grateful that I finally decided to listen – I think before the brick hit my head but that is debatable.

My first exposure to life coaching was about 8 years ago at the fundraising consulting firm I worked for. We had an amazing coach, Diane Vezina, who worked with us during many of our national conferences. At one of these conferences, we spent worked on setting personal and professional goals and I was in heaven. A colleague and I decided that we would like to continue to work on self discovery and invited four other co-workers / friends to join us.

This group blossomed into a monthly club called the Go All Girls (a clever play on the word GOAL). We met at each other’s homes and took turns chairing the meeting and providing yummy food – a very important component. After some socializing we would get down to the business of talking about what we wanted to achieve – both long and short term goals and action items. These were recorded and emailed around the group. Yes we had fun but we also took our accountability seriously. Again I was in heaven and loved the chance to really connect with these women and to talk about our passions and dreams. And to hold each other accountable for moving towards what we wanted.

So many wonderful things came out of this group over the next few years. For me personally my decision to take the huge step into the world of dating was in large part due to the support and encouragement of my girls. You can read more about that journey in my last posting.

I soon realized that I would like to stretch into more directed self discovery and this led to me purchase Cheryl Richardson’s books Take Time for Your Life: A 7-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want and Life Makeovers: 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time. I did not realize at the time that Richardson was a Master Certified Coach. I just knew her message about the importance of self care spoke to me and drew me in.

From there I went to a Meet Market event that featured two life coaches. Not a great way to meet men but I loved the session and the complimentary sessions that the leaders offered.

Last November I finally answered the tap on the shoulder and made my way to the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) for my first coaching workshop. Nine months later I am half way through my certification program. Loving my work and the people I have meet through CTI, I am happy I listened to what the universe was trying to tell me.

Have you had a whisper, a tap on the shoulder or a brick hit you? I would love to hear what it was saying and if you answered the call.

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