Coaching for Fundraisers

Janice Cunning Joy Coach and Fundraiser

Janice Cunning - Certified Coach, Leader, Facilitator

What led you to a career in fundraising? Was it a desire to help people, a dream of making the world a better place, or because you love interacting with people? Sometimes that initial seed gets lost in the day-to-day work. What would it give you to reconnect to the passion, skills, and values that brought you to this profession?

Are you a passionate fundraiser who wants to create an inspired vision that transforms lives?

Do you find yourself struggling to:

  • reach ambitious fundraising goals with limited resources?
  • set priorities and delegate so you can focus on work that serves the mission?
  • dedicate time to meeting with donors and facilitating their generosity?
  • step back and see the big picture for yourself and your organization?
  • strike the right balance between your personal and professional life?

Janice Cunning, Certified Coach, Leader, Facilitator

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with 17 years of experience as a fundraiser, consultant, prospect researcher, and volunteer manager. My passion is partnering with fundraisers to help them create an inspired vision that transforms lives. As a coach supporting fundraisers, I get to live a life that honors my values and makes a positive impact in the world.

I partner with my clients to help them to:

  • increase awareness about their personal values and strengths
  • focus on leading rather than managing
  • undertake work that has the highest impact on their organization’s mission
  • empower their teams through delegation and prioritization
  • choose the right work / life balance that energizes them

Are you ready to take a step towards change?

If you are serious about making changes, coaching helps you reach your goals faster. As your Joy Coach, I partner with you to create the direction, support and accountability you need to operate at your best.

Ready to take action today? Contact me at janice [at] janicecunning [dot] com to book a complimentary coaching conversation.

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