Leading with Joy: Coaching for New Fundraising Leaders

The Leading With Joy Program includes two phases, detailed below.

Phase One (Three months – Nine one-hour sessions) – Laying the Foundation

Session One: Where Are You Now?

The program begins by looking at where you are now with your career and your life. You will explore what is going well and express what needs direct attention.

Session Two: Creating Space for You

Your new leadership role demands your time and energy. We will explore the creative and soulful experiences that you need to be able to give your best to your team and organization. Specific exercises will allow you to create space in your life for these fulfilling activities.

Sessions Three and Four: Increasing Your Relationship Awareness

Managing relationships may well be the single most important challenge that leaders face today. Using the powerful SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory) tool, you will learn how motivation and values influence behaviour. By understanding WHY we and other people behave as we do, leaders can learn how to influence people who think, behave and communicate differently from themselves. You will also gain effective ways to anticipate, prevent, and manage conflict situations. Practical application is the key to sustained learning so you will identify actions to advance learning in your workplace.

Session Five: Uncovering Your Core Values

Values represent who you are right now. When we live our values we feel a sense of resonance and fulfillment. You will uncover your values through a series of exercises and by sharing past experiences. Once you know your core values, they will act as guideposts to making future decisions. You will also learn techniques to help your direct reports uncover and share their core values.

Session Six: Noticing Your Saboteurs

The saboteur concept represents the thoughts and feelings that keep us from moving forward. In other words, your limiting beliefs. You will do work to uncover your saboteurs. This will allow you to identify them, notice them, but then consciously choose to take the action that you truly want.

Session Seven: Philanthropic Culture

What does philanthropy mean to you? We will explore this question as a starting point. Then we will discuss how you, as a leader, can help grow the philanthropic culture at your organization.

Session Eight: Creating a Compelling Vision

When you articulate a powerful vision it sets your direction. You can set goals and choose actions from a place of inspiration and energy. Guided visualizations will allow you to explore the lasting impact you want to make during your career.

Session Nine: Setting Intrinsic Goals

With a compelling vision in place you are ready to set goals with clear measurable outcomes. These will set the foundation for the second part of the program.

Phase Two (Three months – Nine 45-minute sessions) – Achieving Your Goals

You now have a foundation of learning about yourself as a leader. During the next three months, you will focus on the accountability, action and learning that need to take place for you to achieve your inspiring goals. Coaching is designed to help you reach these goals faster than you can on your own.

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