My Month of New – Part One

So October 1st launched my month of trying something new or different each and every day.

The highlights from the first 10 days:

  • No TV watching / Singing 80s movie songs at Nuit Blanche – I do enjoy watching TV and also sometimes turn it on as a default when I am bored. So choosing to make the Saturday when my boyfriend was away the “no TV day” was a challenge. But I actually loved it and found myself more relaxed. And when a friend invited me to go with her to a 80s movie music sing-along that night it was just a bonus new thing.
  • Volunteering for Harvest for Hunger (Second Harvest) – I have volunteered once before with this great organization but this time was a new event for me. It was tied to Thanksgiving and as a bonus I got to bring along a friend who was new to the charity.
  • Redoing my bulletin boards – I have an inspiration board and cards above my desk so I decided to change things up as they have mostly been the same things since I posted them. The bonus here was going through my memory box and picking new things to be inspired by. And a short trip down memory lane.
  • Drawing a picture – so far this has been the most stressful new thing especially when I had to share my awful drawing with my boyfriend. But it made me realize how ridiculous it is to be stressed about trying something. Really the world is not going to end if I draw a bad picture. So this was a reminder to lighten up.
  • Reading a science fiction story – my boyfriend picked “The Bicentennial Man” for me to read and I really enjoyed it and the message about humanity. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to expand my horizons. And really isn’t that what books are meant to do.
  • Meeting someone new – I was working the provincial Election on this day so it was easy to meet new people. But having this goal in mind made me remember that it is a gift to spend time with people and to hear their personal stories. And in a 14 hour day you can learn a lot about people.
  • Try a new fruit – this is something I used to do on a regular basis and was a good reminder to get out of my apple, orange and banana rut.
  • Going to Goodlife – I used to belong to a gym but now I go to Pilates or dance class or to the free gym in my condo. Since my boyfriend had a few free passes I decided to hit the gym with him which was fun.
  • Take photographs – I really enjoyed this idea once I got going. I was a bit stressed at first which is interesting to notice that drawing and taking photos was stressful. Obviously I have some work to do in embracing my creative self. Once I was outside and taking pictures I decided to do a photo collection of images of Toronto – the city I love to live in. Still working on this one and planning to share on Facebook later this month.
  • Eat lunch outside on my balcony – it was a glorious day that felt like midsummer. So what better way to take advantage of this gift that Mother Nature bestowed on all of us for Thanksgiving weekend.

And now I am off to YouTube to research how to write a short story because that is today’s new thing. Yes pushing the envelope again in the arts area. I am starting to realize that I have some yearnings to express myself in different ways.

Would love to have you share what is new or different in your life this month.

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