My Month of New – Part Two

My month of trying new and different things each day continues. Here is what I have experienced on Days 11 to 25:

  • Write a short story – well after watching some how-to videos on YouTube (where you really can learn anything) I sat down and wrote a short story. Not sure if it was any good but it sure was fun and something I would like to do more of.
  • Dress up day – working in my home office means that I default to yoga pants most days. I decided to dress like I would if I was going out to the office to see if I would feel different or more professional. Truthfully I just felt less comfortable.
  •  Pilates at Home – I did a series of Pilates moves at home which made me realize that I prefer the class environment because it helps me live my personal value of connection.
  • Spa Day – for our anniversary my boyfriend treated me to an afternoon at the spa. In the past I have always gone to the spa with friends and it was really relaxing to go alone. I also picked a fun coral colour for my manicure which I have been enjoying ever since. It reminds me not to pick the safe choice but to go for the fun.
  • Exploring Leslieville – we headed out on a rainy Saturday afternoon to walk around this neighbourhood that we don’t know well. The highlight was taking shelter in a bustling coffee shop that had the most delicious chai latte.
  • New Recipe – well the recipe itself was not a winner but I did enjoy my lazy Sunday afternoon in the kitchen and it was at least good enough to eat.
  • Pumpkin Drink – I was meeting a friend at Starbucks which is one of my favourite hangouts. I don’t drink coffee so I asked if I could have a non coffee pumpkin drink. Won’t be converting from chai lattes anytime soon but it tasted like Fall.
  • Learn Something – I love taking classes and took advantage of a free teleclass that really made me think about my coaching practice in a new way.
  • Create Something – after the stress of trying to draw a picture, I decided to approach this idea from an authentic place. I thought if I am going to create something I want it to be an expression of me. So my boyfriend came home to a handmade card that told him all I love about him.
  • Buy Myself Flowers – this brightened not only my day but continues. There is something so wonderful about walking into my office each morning and seeing cheerful yellow flowers on my desk. Reminds me to show myself love and joy in little ways.
  • Read a Mystery – my Mom recommended The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie about an 11-year old girl with a passion for poisons and an interest in solving mysteries. What a character Flavia is and I look forward to reading the next two books. Also realized I would not make a very good detective.
  • Veggie Dog – Being a vegetarian since the age of 14 I had never had street meat. So I decided to try the faux version and discovered I wasn’t really missing anything.
  • Offered Directions – while I love talking to people and being helpful I panic when asked for directions because I have such a poor sense of direction that I get teased about. But I approached a lost tourist and was happy to know exactly where he needed to go – and how to get there.
  • New Coffee Shop – broke out of my Starbucks routine and well the truth is it reinforced my love of the Bucks. But the coffee shop in Leslieville made up for this disappointment.
  • Prickly Pear – I decided to try this fruit and discovered they are indeed prickly and really look more exciting than they taste.

Six more days of new and then I will be reflecting on the best lessons from the month.

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