Narrow Focus / Deep Visibility

This statement – Narrow Focus / Deep Visibility has become my theme for 2012. I didn’t intend to have a theme for the year, but a coaching friend of mine said something that struck me to the core and a theme was born. One of the many benefits of having so many coach friends is that they provide a constant source of inspiration.

So what does this theme means to me? The first half means I know what I want to accomplish this year and only choose activities that are targeted to these goals. The second part means that the activities I do increase my visibility with the people that I want to work with. The overall desire is to spend my time doing things that are meaningful and that have impact.

The first gift that I received from this theme was the realization that I needed to be clearer about what my goals were, what type of work I want to do, what impact I want to have, and who I want to work with. The first step was for me to understand, and be inspired by, the answers to these questions. I really thought I had done that work, but over the past few months I have been peeling off layers and getting closer to the core.

I think often about the metaphor of being on a path. There are many paths that we can take to get to our desired destination. And it is important to be moving. But sometimes it is also important to slow down, consider your route and make sure you don’t get completely off course.

As I become clearer, I am able to articulate to those around me what I want to be doing and to ask for guidance and support. I realized earlier this year, that so often people want to help us so they offer us opportunities. But this can take us off course if we are not aware and in control of picking our path. My clarity has given me the power to consciously choose each step and the flexibility to know there are many paths.

A narrow focus is inspiring and also means it is easier to create visibility. There has been some discomfort and resistance that I have had to overcome about being too visible. But holding the people the love working with in my heart and speaking to them makes this a joyful experience.

When I wrote this theme in January I knew it would be a source of inspiration, but I had no idea how many gifts it would offer. Can’t wait to discover what the rest of the year brings.

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