New Adventures

Sometimes my gremlin tells me that I am a creature of habit. You know those voices that judge you, make up rules you must follow, or convince you that you have limitations. Well those are the gremlin voices. And their job pretty much is to keep you in the status quo.

So the idea that I am a creature of habit who doesn’t like to try new things is a story that my gremlin often tells me. But it is only a story and stories can always be rewritten.

While being coached this week, I realized that part of the reason why I tell myself this story is because a few major events in my life – namely divorce and job loss – were imposed on me. So I told myself that I was resilient and could get through these big changes. But that didn’t mean I wanted change. I could accept change and thrive if it was thrust upon me.

My coach helped me to see the many changes I had indeed made happen for myself. Those changes I had happily stepped into. I changed careers, lost and keep off a significant amount of weight, brought exercise into my life, and created a new circle of friends.

If I reflect on the changes I have made this year alone they are multiple. Some new things that have brought me joy this year – Twitter, Nia classes, getting my coaching certification, giving a keynote address, creating my website, and making new friends.

These reflections offered me a new perspective and a new way of looking at myself. I had the makings of a new story.

We ended the session with a structure to remind myself of this. I took this framed picture of my 3-year old self on my first day of Kindergarten and added the caption “I am ready for my new adventure.” Looking at my smiling face in my new outfit reminds me that new adventures await me. And more importantly it reminds me that I can’t wait to experience them.

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