Oh Joy!

I shared with you last week that one of my top values is JOY and this week I launched my Joy Quota group coaching series. So obviously there has been some reflection about how I am living this value.

JOY can be defined as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. To me being joyful is expressing happiness. I love the word JOY because it feels playful and exuberant. I want to not only be happy but to express it as JOY.  

I have long loved the work of Cheryl Richardson who encourages women to embrace extreme self care. She promotes a world where women make time for things like fun, relaxation, and pampering.

Recently I discovered Gretchen Rubin who wrote The Happiness Project. Gretchen loves her life but also wants to try new things to increase her happiness and gratitude. When I started to read this book I felt like I had just met a wonderful new friend. I savored the book and only wanted to read one chapter a day so it would last even longer.

I have also been doing a lot of reading in the field of positive psychology and was particularly struck by the book Positivity by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. This book documents her research about the strengths of positive emotions. As an optimist I must say this research made me feel pretty good about myself.

Being a Joy Coach allows me to harness my passionate interest in people and their joy, happiness and positivity. It is a delight to work with people who are ready to claim their passions and to start to make those a priority in their lives. To help people uncover their true and unique values and support them in creating a life where they life those values each and every day.

Outside of work, I have recently discovered Nia, which celebrates the joy of movement and combines elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts. I have often thought it would be fun to take dance classes but was intimidated by the idea of learning the steps and, to be honest, of looking silly. Well now that I am 40 I have much less worries about looking silly. Also Nia is about finding your own joy and not worrying about your left foot or your right foot. There are moments in the class when we have free dance. What a wonderful site to see 20 women joyfully dancing around a room just doing what their body tells them. Our teacher is inspiring and watching her just love what she is doing brings a smile to my face.

So at 40 years old I have embarked on a new career path and gotten up the courage to take a dance class. Oh Joy indeed!

I would love to hear about your unique values and how you are living them to the fullest.

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About Janice Cunning

As a certified coach and fundraiser, I am passionate about partnering with people and teams to increase their personal and professional Joy Quota.


  1. Hey jannice

    Thank you for authentic and joyful blog, it’s really refreshing and inspiring to read you blogs. It also explains why we were together in our Certified Co active professional coach program, I too have started a new career beside my day career and feel such a joy working a coach, as work with some of my clients on awakening their passion I totally get energized and it keeps on remindin me why I love coaching.

    Nowadays my joy is being in the moment, enjoying life, working hard to honor my values, my family and friends, my new coaching company and those fulfilling moments where I get to reflect and write about my life right.

    Once again as you truely inspiring 🙂

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