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We are a week out from the London games, so I am starting to feel the Olympic fever in a big way. Yes the games and the athletes are on my mind.

On Monday my coach asked me what I would like to do if I could create a perfect day for myself. What immediately came to mind was spending the day ice skating with former world champion and Olympic bronze medalist Jeff Buttle. Imaging myself skating with him and going so fast that I could feel the wind in my face – this made me smile.

As we explored this perfect day, I also realized that I choose Jeff because he seems like a skater who truly loves what he does – someone who loves the training as much as the competition. He also appears to have achieved something beyond his dreams and is now living a life that brings him joy and fulfilment. He created this life by claiming his passion and pursuing it full out. I can imagine that he faced many challenges along the way, but his passion and desire propelled him forward.

This made me reflect on how much inspiration I will get watching the summer Olympics. And how much joy! I especially love athletes who compete in less well known or lucrative endeavours. I often imagine what it would be like to devote yourself to a sport like pole vaulting or fencing where little attention is focused on your during those four years between the games. It is inspiring to see someone who is so focused on achieving their dreams and is really doing what they love day in and day out without knowing what the result will be.

And many athletes will not achieve their dreams during those 16 days of competition. It can be hard to watch someone fall short of their goal, but I will celebrate that they were not afraid to try. In striving to be a champion they made it all the way to London and competed against the best in the world. I am inspired by them playing full out on the world’s biggest playing field. I know that many athletes will learn tremendous lessons from their failures; just as we all do in our lives.

My coach pointed out something obvious – all those Olympians have coaches. They create the support systems that they need so they can be their best. They surround themselves with people who belief in them and their talents. Whether they achieve their goals or not, they have someone who will help them uncover what they were meant to learn.

So from the time that the Olympic flame is lit until the celebratory closing ceremony, I will be as happy as a kid watching and being inspired by these wonderful athletes.

Will you be watching? I would love to hear what inspires you during the London summer games.

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