Passion with a Capital P

My value of Passion – with a capital P – is the theme of this post. I have a passion for bringing joy and playfulness to people’s lives.

When I start working with clients we explore where they are now in their lives. One area we look at is “play” and how satisfied they are with the amount of fun and playtime in their lives. So many people have reacted with a sense of shock that this is even a consideration. Or they realize that they are focused on play being a priority for others, usually their children.

But adults need play too! And we deserve it!

For me one of the ways I play is to go skating outdoors with my friends on cold winter mornings.

A while back, while working with my coach, I realized that I am successful and happy when things are in flow. And gilding around on the ice is a perspective that I can use when I need to open up that flow in my work. This comes up for me today because tomorrow will be the first skate of this winter season. I came to skating later in life and first took lessons as a 30 year old. So for me it is not something natural that I grew up with.

I have noticed that when I first lace up my skates each season I am very nervous. During the walk from the change room to the ice I am feeling unbalanced and tentative. I step gingerly onto the ice at first. But soon I realize that if I want to glide then I need to bend my knees, feel a connection with the ice, and just relax. When I let go I discover the joy in the movement and I allow the flow to happen.

I love using this perspective in my work because it reminds me that the flow is there. I do not need to create the flow I just need to lean in, feel the connection, and trust. And that is when magical things happen.

What kind of play have you engaged in this week? What did it teach you? I would love to hear your stories. And if you can’t remember that last time you played, then I challenge you to make time today for whatever is your Passion – with a capital P.

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