Reflecting on My Change Committee

I was recently listening to a podcast from The Inspiring Women Summit ( while working out on the treadmill – working the body and the mind.

One of the speakers spoke about the importance of having a change committee as you move through a transition. Change can be scary for us and threatening to those who know us and love us the “way we are.” A change committee is a group of supporters who are committed to your growth and evolution. At times they may hold you bigger than you hold yourself. They see the real you and know who you are becoming. When you doubt your own abilities, they hold you up.

When I started my business I recruited two women to serve on my advisory board. Last night we had a working dinner and it reminded me of the power of support. By the time we finished, I had a better understanding of what I want to do and by when. Ideas became focused and action plans were created. As I reflected on the night, I realized what was most important, however, was my renewed energy, enthusiasm, and belief in myself. These two women had helped me reconnect with what my WANT to dos versus my HAVE to dos.

This morning I am still reflecting on, and feeling grateful for, the people who have supported me in my dream of being a Joy Coach and entrepreneur.

Last November I walked into a meeting room in a Toronto hotel feeling nervous and excited. It was my first Coaches Training Institute workshop. The coaches I met in the room that day changed me. And I mean literally they changed me that first day. And over the next five months the community and the ties grew. A change committee was born.

On the home front, my partner in life held my hand as I jumped in with both feet. His emotional support allows me to pursue my dream full out!

So today I am basking in grateful and appreciating my change committee. I can’t wait to see who joins next.

Who do you have – or want to have – in your change committee? Share your stories.

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