Coaching Packages for Fundraisers

My clients are passionate fundraisers who want to create an inspired vision that transforms lives. They want to make a positive impact on their communities AND pursue their work with joy.

I offer three coaching packages designed to support fundraisers and fundraising leaders during different phases of their careers.

Leading with Joy: Coaching for Fundraising Leaders

Designed for fundraisers in leadership roles. Participants will devote time and attention to becoming the strong, effective nonprofit leaders who are essential in today’s environment.

Leadership is about creating ways for people to contribute to make the extraordinary happen.

This program begins with personal reflection and exercises designed to:
• improve interpersonal relationships
• build on your personal strengths
• uncover your core values, and
• create an inspiring vision.

Your vision will lead you to set goals with clear measurable outcomes. A coaching component of the program will support you in achieving your goals through accountability, action, and learning.

Includes: a personalized SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory) profile; a 2-hour discovery session, twelve 1-hour coaching sessions; ongoing phone & email support; recommended readings

The Leading With Joy Program includes two phases, detailed here.

Fundraising with Joy: Coaching for Fundraising Professionals

This coaching program is designed for fundraising professionals who want support in setting and achieving their professional and personal goals.

We will start the journey by examining all areas of your life to establish where you are now and where you want to go and grow.

The coaching is customized for you and your unique goals. It can help you:
• increase awareness about your personal values and strengths,
• engage in work that has the highest impact on your organization’s mission, and
• maintain a work / life balance that keeps you energized.

Includes: a 1.5-hour discovery session and twelve 45-minute coaching sessions

Finding Your Joy: Career-Focused Coaching for Fundraisers

This coaching program is designed for fundraisers who want to explore their next career move from a strategic perspective.

We begin by identifying your unique values, strengths, skills and passions. Next we explore and discover what position and organizational culture will allow you to do your best work. With this knowledge and confidence you move into action towards your desired goal.

Includes: twelve 45-minute coaching sessions

Fundraising Team Workshops

In partnership with David Langiulli and Silvia Bueso, I deliver workshops to support the development of fundraising teams. To learn more visit

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