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Last week I found out I had won The Joy of Movement Contest run by my Nia teacher Jenn Hicks (http://jennhicks.ca/nia/). I was very excited and surprised to win (I actually called by partner and yelled “I won, I won, I won”).

And I was even more surprised by how caught up I got in the contest. A few people who know me very well also commented that they were surprised by my enthusiasm, because the fact is I am not usually very competitive.

I like to set goals for myself and achieve them, but when I think of being competitive I think of going against others. The fact is I have never voluntarily joined in on team sports and don’t really get the fun of board game events. I can understand how other people love these endeavours, but they just aren’t my thing.

So while the contest had awesome prizes, I didn’t really feel that winning or competing was the motivation for me. So I started to reflect on what was making it so much fun.

I realized that this contest was really tailor made for one of the things that brings me such joy. I love sharing things and experiences that are meaningful to me with other people. Connection is one of my personal values and sharing positive experiences is one of the ways that I live this value to the fullest.

Jenn created an opportunity for us to earn points by coming to class, bringing new people to class, and spreading the word about through social media. In other words the contest was designed to spread the joy.

This is what I was able to share about Nia and Jenn through a testimonial…

“When I arrived at my first Nia class, I had been drawn in by Jenn’s spirit and openness. I didn’t really know what Nia was, but I trusted that I was meant to explore it. I felt instantly welcomed and comfortable. When the music began I discovered that Nia is a place to find true joy in movement – a place where everyone is encouraged to use their body in a way that feels good. It is also a place to let go and not worry about whether you are getting it right (or left!). Jenn’s classes make me feel good in body, mind and spirit.”

So basically when I won and got my prizes that was the icing on the cake. The real joy was in spreading the message and sharing something that makes me feel so good with my friends.

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