Working with Janice Cunning has been a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally! Janice’s warm disposition, unique ability to hear what isn’t being said, and desire to challenge and grow her clients really helped to keep me on track – both during our sessions and afterwards. In working with Janice, I have been better able to establish and maintain clarity in my life, which has been beneficial to the goals and projects I am currently involved in. I am mostly grateful to Janice for her directness and the many useful activities she brought into our sessions as a means of expanding my awareness and my learning. Janice’s universal knowledge, keen perspective and resolute intuition were effective in helping me to achieve my goals and keep inspiring me to push forward within my career.
~ Nicole Gillespie, Program & Operations Manager, Future Possibilities For Kids

Through practical tips (i.e. perspectives exercises), meaningful guidance (i.e. identifying my core values) and stimulating exercises (i.e. strength deployment), Janice helped me approach challenges with subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in thinking. Through our coaching sessions, Janice helped me consider and tackle, not just what I’m doing, but how I am approaching things. Bringing my values to the forefront has helped me to believe in my unique value and has increased my personal satisfaction at work.

Janice is a pleasant task-master; holding me to account (to myself) and gently pushing me to get the most out of myself between coaching sessions. Throughout our time working together, Janice helped me to get clear on my accomplishments and focus on my growth. I’m more confident in what I’m bringing to the table and am certain that I wouldn’t have managed to get here as quickly, if ever, without Janice’s intervention!
~ Carmen Clayton, Senior Manager, Corporate Donor Relations, United Way of Toronto & York Region

Janice has been a resource to me for several years as a coach. When I’ve needed clarity and direction during a rough patch at work, Janice has helped to provide it. Janice is perceptive, honest and a great listener. She also understands fundraising, which is incredibly valuable in helping guide conversations in a productive way. I’ve recommended Janice to colleagues before, and will certainly continue to do so in the future.
~ Brock Warner, CFRE, Development Manager, War Child Canada

Like all good fundraisers, Janice is an excellent listener. She understands the charitable sector, is committed to helping you find your most rewarding path and will challenge you to do your best work. To work with Janice is to have an extremely thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable ally on your team.
~ Juniper Locilento, CFRE, Director – Annual Giving, Operations & Strategy, YMCA of Greater Toronto

Janice your support has been amazing. I don’t know where to begin in my praise. With your help, I feel my life has truly changed. I have become more empowered, present and fulfilled in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Perhaps most critical for me was your unwavering belief in my own ability to critically assess who I am, what I need to be fulfilled and the values that I needed be aware of and really take ownership of. You challenged me to think differently, behave differently and be more mindful. I know the lessons you helped me to learn will stick with me for a lifetime. You are a gifted coach and I am truly grateful to have worked with you.
~ Nicole Emanuel, Director, Public and Government Affairs

Janice Cunning is amazing. Having her as my joy coach was the best decision I made this past spring. I was at an impasse in my career and needed a change, but was unclear as to what exactly that change needed to be. What she was able to do was really accelerate the analysis process for me. Janice was able to give me structure in my self-analysis through the overall suite of sessions, and I always felt like it was working toward the goal of concrete decisions and actions. I found Janice to be an extremely effective listener, and having her replay back the themes and points from our conversations was often enlightening. She asked insightful, probing questions that I had not considered that guided me forward to find my own answers. I also really enjoyed her abilities to offer alternative way to think of a situation, and aim to spread positivity. I would, and have, enthusiastically recommended Janice to others in my network.
~ Jennifer Toh, Manager, Client Services, GrantBook

Janice’s coaching sessions provide a structured approach to deliberate reflection on what is most meaningful to me in life and how I can achieve what I most value and most want to be. Working with her helps me live a fulfilled life, with joy, anchored in my values.
~ Diane Crane, Senior Director of Development and Team Lead (Spears School of Business), Oklahoma State University Foundation

Janice Cunning has helped me to dream my biggest dreams and has provided me with the support and self-discipline to realize them. When I started out, I could not have imagined the success that I have achieved and the sense of accomplishment that I have felt with Janice as my life coach.
~ David Eberly, Former Senior Director, Prospect Development, Children’s Hospital Trust, Boston

I am making the biggest personal and professional transition of my life feeling confident in my decision and excited about the adventure. I am 100% positive that my work with Janice is a big part how I got here. How can that be? Well, I had been successful at one organization for years, but was maxing out my contribution there. I was finishing graduate school. I was professionally ready for a change, but unsure about what change I wanted. Janice helped me identify my core values for my personal and work life. She helped me to identify with a vision of my future that was grounded in those values. It wasn’t even painful! When I finally started talking with head hunters about jobs, Janice was able to help me process my options and connect my choices back to my values and my goals. She struck the perfect balance of challenge and support. She helped me to look at things from new angles and to learn about myself so much faster than I could have on my own. And never, not once, did she ask me about my childhood. Janice is delightful and kind with a wonderful sense of humor. She guided me carefully outside of my comfort zone so that I could discover my dream and make it happen.
~ Shelby, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

I’m very grateful for Janice’s keen ability to listen, reframe, and refocus. Coaching sessions with Janice have encouraged me to step into the great unknown and create my joy projects, the Aspiring Canadian Poets Contest and the 2014 Singer-Songwriter Mentor Experience.
~ Heidi Stock

Janice has been a mentor of mine since I entered the Prospect Research profession and recently I had the honour of attending a workshop she led as a Life Coach called “What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be”.  I found Janice’s session to be very interactive, engaging and thought provoking!  Janice is a true leader in our profession and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
~ Melissa Young, Manager, Prospect Research QEII Foundation
Participant, APRA Canada Leadership Workshop

Janice led a session on leadership at a national conference in October 2010 for prospect researchers. Janice provided the group with relevant and interesting information on the concept of leadership and coached the group through a variety of team exercises which provided us with greater self awareness and the opportunity to reflect on our own personal views about leadership. The session was a great mix of information sharing, coaching and active self reflection.
~Liz Rejman, Development Researcher, London Health Sciences Foundation
Participant, APRA Canada Leadership Workshop

Janice Cunning is engaging and enthusiastic. I found her session on Leadership not only enjoyable, but also very informative and helpful. In a short time frame she facilitated my understanding of my working style, strengths, weaknesses, and made me think about my future career goals. She was able to make the group as a whole work together, while also getting each individual to look within themselves. I would highly recommend Janice as a facilitator/coach to anyone and everyone.
~ Megan Tilden, Prospect Research Analyst, University of Alberta
Participant, APRA Canada Leadership Workshop

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