The ‘Being’ of Celebration

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey

I have been thinking about the importance of celebration over the past few weeks. Then yesterday I was watching Cityline on TV and they had a segment on the importance of making celebrations a part of your life and your family’s culture. Not just the big holidays or events but the little day-to-day ones.

When I found out I had passed my exam and was officially a certified coach I did some celebrating. Shared the news with family and friends and had a special dinner out to mark the occasion.

I was however challenged around the idea of celebrating having completed the exam, without any attachment to the outcome. Could I celebrate the exam being over without knowing for sure if I had passed? Could I celebrate the effort that I had put into preparing for this moment?

The true answer is that yes I could (a little bit).

A couple of friends asked me what I did to celebrate and I launched into an explanation of how I really didn’t and why. I only called people to say I was done and to tell them I thought it went well. My coach friend challenged my perspective and said it sounds like you celebrated by sharing with those who are most important to you.

That was really profound and made me realize that I was focused on the ‘doing’ of celebrating and not the ‘being’ of celebration. I was making a judgment about what was acceptable. Doesn’t celebrating have to involve food, cake, champagne, balloons, etc? Of course I realized that I was making up the same story that I often see with my clients. That they have to spend money and make a big fuss in order for it to qualify as a celebration.

Celebration can simply be noticing, taking a pause, and savoring the moment. This is the ‘being’ of celebration. And it lasts longer than a fancy dinner or bottle of champagne. We can all be proud of ourselves in every moment. We can make the outcome less important. We can know that commitment and effort are worth celebrating right now.

So what are we waiting for? Share what are you celebrating in this moment?

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