The Joy of Vacations

Would you like some more motivation, creativity, happiness, and connection in your life?

Well I think you probably would since you are reading my joy blog.

What can give you all of that and more – a vacation! And since I am heading towards a vacation, and already part way into vacation mindset, I started to reminisce about one of the best vacations I ever had.

About 10 years ago two girlfriends and I headed to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Part of what made this vacation so amazing was that it came during a particularly crazy period of my life in as a consultant. Two of my co-workers were off on maternity leave and the stress of holding down the fort had left me overworked, stressed out, and exhausted.

Landing in Mexico truly felt like being transported to another world. I realized the impact a change of scenery can have. I felt relaxed and happy as soon as my flip flop attired feet hit the resort. I totally surrendered to the moment and appreciated the beauty of the place. And it was beautiful with the pool and the ocean sparkling invitingly. And the site of iguanas walking poolside also made it feel quite exotic.

The luxury of waking up in the morning and thinking my greatest decisions today are which beach chair should I pick, what shall I read, which cocktail should I savor, and what’s for lunch? And what cocktail should I savor now.

No one needed anything from me and I was free to do as I chose all day and, in fact, all week. We did get out and about a few times and saw some beautiful sites including the ruins of Tulum. But really what I remember most about that trip was just the excitement of days of relaxation spread out in front of me.

Of course having my two friends alongside made it magical. There was one especially memorable night when the movie My Dog Skip made us cry and then laugh uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of the situation. Trust me you had to be there, but to me it stands out as one of the best moments.

And that is what happens when you change your scenery. You open yourself up to new experiences and it is often the simplest and silliest moments that stand out.

When the week came to an end, I headed back to work with greater love and appreciation of the work I did and the people I got to do it with. That vacation mindset can indeed come home with you if you let it.

What were some of your greatest vacation moments? And what are your plans for the next one? I would love to hear your stories.

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