Weaving a Stronger Rope

Next month will be the one year anniversary of my completing my coaching certification. I have noticed that as this New Year begins and my anniversary approaches, I am reflecting on my coaching journey so far.

One of the most powerful experiences has been watching my responsible self and my bold self evolve and come together.

As I have written about before, I left a steady job when I began my training to become a certified coach. There were many valid reasons to make this decision, but it was completely out of character for me. Or so I thought. A few weeks later I was back with my coaching classmates and they all asked me if I had really done it. Everyone talked about what a bold move it was to leave my job and pursue my dreams. I could not own that I had done this. Every time someone told me I was brave or bold, I deflected the comment. It took months and a lot more coaching workshops before I could stand in front of everyone and declare “I am bold.”

Along the way, someone challenged me when I stated that I valued security. He asked is that really true or is that something your gremlin is saying. Remember that gremlins are those voices that judge you, make up rules you must follow, or convince you that you have limitations. Their job pretty much is to keep you in the status quo.

It is really true that I value stability I told him with great conviction. I did not realize at the time what a powerful question he had asked. I continued to ask myself that question for about a year.

I had left a steady job, left behind my career in fundraising, started training for a new career at age 40, and started my own business. The actions I was taking seemed to indicate that I did not really value stability. And yet something was not quite right and I could not put my finger on it. Well one of the reasons that we coaches get coached is so that we can continue to explore ourselves and what fulfils us.

A year later another coach and dear friend asked me what if you want to grow and take risks but you also want stability. That was a powerful new perspective. I could have both.

I was in certification at the time and getting lots of great coaching from my classmates. One of these sessions led me to a powerful metaphor – my responsible self and my risk taking self coming together like a rope. They make each other stronger, you can climb the rope to success, and you can take time out to swing on the rope just for the fun of it.

In that moment I realized that I did value security and responsibility. However, for many years that side of me had such control that my bold side was weak. Leaving my job and giving myself permission to jump into coaching with both feet, helped me grow my bold strings. My responsible strings were still there but just hanging in the background. Now that I have grabbed them both and intertwined them, the rope I am climbing is much stronger and easier to swing on.

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